About Us - Education Policy

 1.   It shall be the duty of the Management Committee to exercise foolproof management and day to day governance of the respective Army Goodwill Schools.  All teaching and non teaching staff must follow the following directions for smooth functioning of the school:-



 (a)       At the time of appointment, undertaking should be taken from teachers and   other  staff    not to desert the school without prior permission/completion of academic   session

(b)       If a teacher staff/member wants to offer his/her resignation, three months prior notice will be given by teachers and other staff beforehand. In case of non-adherence of the same, pay and incentives of teachers and other staff will be affected.

 (c)        Appropriate discipline should be maintained by all teaching and non teaching staff.

 (d)       All teachers will report to the school five minutes before the commencement of morning           assembly, failing which, they will be marked absent for half a day.

 (e)       The whole school staff including the principal is bound to follow the directions of  the                     chairman/secretary of the School Management Committee.

 (f)        All teachers should be present in the school on the first and last working days, failing which he  pay for that month is liable to be deducted.

 (g)       Teachers will be fully responsible for the subject being taught by them to the  students in the respective classes.

 (h)       Class teachers are responsible for collection of the monthly fees of their respective classes and will hand over the same to the clerk, obtaining receipt for the same, on first week of every month.

 (j)         Class teachers are also responsible to ensure the cleanliness of the class rooms at all times.

 (k)        Complaints, if any, will be routed through proper channel to Chairman, School  Management Committee.

 (l)         The Management Committee will take strict action against misbehavior or disobedience by any teacher/staff.

 (m)      Teachers selected for teacher’s training will sign one year bond to serve in the    same Army Goodwill School.

 (n)       If any complaint is received from parents against the teaching staff, appropriate   action against concerned teacher will be taken after detailed investigation by the  Managing Committee.


             Annual Examination.    Annual examination for classes LKG to 5th  were conducted wef 10 Oct to                       21 Oct 2017. Annual examination results were declared on 31 Oct 2017 & New session was started on               01 Nov 2017