About Us - School Philosophy

1.      To facilitate provisioning of quality education to population affected by terrorism in J&K was identified as a “Key Result Area” by India Army in late 1990’s. The focus of Operation Sadbhavana in J&K accordingly encompassed improving the overall core social indices through Quality Education, Women and Youth Empowerment, Infrastructure Development and Health and Veterinary Care. A major thrust is to provide education to underprivileged sections of J&K in regions eluded by development.

2.     Indian Army over the years has established 46 Army Goodwill Schools and rendered assistance to approximately 1900 State Government run schools in remote areas through renovation, construction of additional class rooms, libraries, toilets, playgrounds, sports facilities, provisioning of furniture, computers, educational software packages, stationary, and books. Approximately one lakh students have benefitted in last 15 years wherein they have obtained middle and higher secondary level education.

3.    The popularity of Army Goodwill Schools can be measured by the fact that there is a growing clamour by local population for opening more such schools and approximately 14,000 students are currently obtaining quality education in primary/ higher secondary levels. Approximately 840 students from economically weaker sections are receiving scholarships, the total value of which is a little above two crores for studies in schools within and outside the State. Most of the students benefitting from these scholarship schemes have also been assisted in obtaining admissions in institutes outside of Jammu and Kashmir. Besides imparting quality education the Goodwill Schools are also providing employment to qualified youth of the State. As on date nearly 1000 teaching and non teaching staff is employed in various Goodwill schools.